RAB is the showcase of Colorado based full-stack developer Andre Bass.


I’m a software engineer specializing in developing (and designing) exceptional, high-quality websites and applications. I build things for the internet.

I enjoy bridging the gap between coding and design combining my technical knowledge with my keen eye for design to create a pixel-perfect product that's also scalable and efficient behind the scenes.

Curently a junior at Colorado State University, I am interested in full-stack development and mobile app development. If you’re working on a front-end project, let's get in touch.

When I’m not building interfaces or messing around with some new JavaScript technique, you can find me creating a new illustration, skiing, taking photos, or reading another book on space. To know more, read my résumé, my work, or get in touch.

What's with the picture of the astroid above?

I am currently helping a group of astrophysicists at CSU to research how supermassive black holes affect galaxies.